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Go Global is an international business development firm that has been helping Egyptian exporters and exporters-to-be to grow and expand internationally. Since 2013, Go Global has been the trusted partner for Development agencies and Trade Support institutions in their export development programs. Go Global has started its successful Business Development Services journey during which we have served hundreds of SMEs from different sectors through our array of services. Go Global became the Go-To advisor for the companies, offering referrals and linkages to different service providers to help them achieve their export growth. This is where the idea of EXPORT SMART came from.

Export Smart Academy was born from the vision of a seamless connection between Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the resources they need to achieve their export goals.

The academy bridges the gap between aspiration and action, preparing SMEs for the realities of the international trade market. They equip businesses with the knowledge and skills required for export readiness.


Export Smart Academy recognizes the specific challenges faced by SMEs when entering the export market. Their training programs are designed to address these gaps, empowering businesses to:

  • Develop Export Readiness: The academy provides a comprehensive understanding of international trade processes, regulations, and requirements.

  • Navigate the Global Marketplace: Participants gain valuable insights into the needs and demands of international markets.

  • Master Export Skills: Training covers essential skills like marketing, logistics, pricing, and documentation for successful exporting.


Export Smart Academy leverages a network of experienced instructors and coaches. Their expertise ensures participants receive practical guidance and insights to accelerate their export journey.

Export Smart Academy in Egypt is a valuable resource for SMEs aspiring to enter the global marketplace. Through its targeted training programs and expert guidance, the academy empowers businesses to achieve their export goals and contribute to Egypt's economic growth.


The academy offers a diverse range of training programs tailored to the specific needs of SMEs. This ensures participants can find the perfect program to match their current level of knowledge and export goals.

  • International Market Research Program - Advanced Level

  • Trade Data Analysis for the US Market

  • Prepare a Go-To-Market Strategy and Export Marketing Plan

  • Understand the Trade Finance and International Banking Transactions

  • Digital Marketing for Exporters

  • Master your Costing process to raise your competitiveness

  • Tradeshow participation

  • Supply Chain Management

  • The Art of Sales Excellence

  • Mastering Strategic Business Growth

  • Understand the Fundamentals of Marketing

  • Business Model Canvas to Start and Grow your Export Business

  • Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • One Minute Benefit Selling

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Winner's presentation


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